Promoting Equality and Diversity in Education

Equality & Diversity in Education aims to increase diversity of the school leadership workforce. The programme supports teachers with characteristics protected by the 2010 Equality Act into leadership positions. Current projects in East of England and North East London aim to remove barriers for people with at least one of the following protected characteristic:

  1. Race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin
  2. Sex
  3. Sexual orientation
  4. Pregnancy and maternity
  5. Gender reassignment

Equality & Diversity in Education is funded through the Department for Education’s Equality and Diversity Fund, which has been offered since 2014 and over 2000 teachers have taken part so far. For 2018 - 2020 a new model has been designed to increase geographical coverage and provide new opportunities to scale up best practice delivery models.

Removing Barriers in the East of England and North East London

Linton Village College, on behalf of Cambridge and Suffolk Teaching School Alliance (CASSA), has been selected as the Lead Hub Delivery School for the East and North East London region. LVC is working with partners who lead projects to address needs in their locality or remove barriers for people with specific protected characteristics across the region. Together, the project partners share good practice and lessons learned both among each other and with wider community of education professionals and beyond.

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